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Analysis of LTE & WiMax

February 11, 2010 13 comments


This article tries to describe some comparative points of LTE and WiMax to show their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Time advantage

WiMax is in the market while Long Term Evolution is still in the labs…So, in this point, WiMax has a clear time advantage over LTE: WiMax is present nowadays in numerous countries around the world.

There are already a lot of deployments, and WiMax is growing step by step in different markets, not only in urban zones,but also in rural and/or emerging markets. On the other hand, LTE is still in the labs, and forecasts say that until 2011-2012 (end of 2010 maybe) it will not be in the real market.

WiMax time advantage over LTE

Availability of WiMax, HSPA and LTE

This fact can be an advantage for WiMax, because when LTE has arrived to the telecom market, WiMax will have already a solid market using it’s hardware. However, other technologies, like HSPA+, could decrease that advantage. HSPA+ could compete with WiMax meanwhile LTE arrives.

Spectrum efficiency of HSPA, WiMax and LTE

Spectrum efficiency of HSPA, WiMax and LTE in BPS/Hz

As it can be seen in the figure above, HSPA R7 can compete with WiMax R3 TDD in terms of BPS/Hz either in the download link or upload link.

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Basics of WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access)

February 10, 2010 2 comments

Imagen del WiMax Forum

WiMax is a broadband wireless technology. It was developed by the WiMax Forum in the last years and It is based on the 802.16 standard which has the objective of provide high speed data transfers over the air.

Some of the possible uses of WiMax are:

  • As an alternative to DSL at the “last mile”.
  • As an alternative to the backhaul and access of 2G, 3G, 3’9G infrastructure.
  • As an alternative option to connect rural areas to Internet where there are not any telecom infrastructure or when It is not easy to deploy it (For example  in rural or disaster areas).

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